Bloody Shadow cd limited edition 

 This morning I went to post office to took this cd. It’s supposed to be arrived in the beginning December, yet they kept it in the post office and didn’t contact me. 

So…. This limited edition contains cd, tickets, B2 poster, scenario book, and phamplet. It’s my first time having so many bonus for cd. Whenever i bought japanese cd, there’s only booklet for lyrics and its cd. 

I might trying to translate its scenario book when holiday come. And probably I’ll buy Polaris too. 




Yesterday was my cello’s 5th birthday. On the same day, my UtaPri package arrived! Finally it’s here!

Two weeks ago I was shocked seeing there’s someone who already uploaded it, though mine haven’t arrive. I thought it’ll come out one month after its released, yet it’s so soon. I rarely into popular fandom such as Utapri, so my reaction might be too much. *ahem*

bought it from animate. It's a bit expensive form BD one. Actually I want BD version, yet I'm afraid I couldn't play it on my laptop. I'm not very fond of BD (I never had any)

bought it from animate. It’s a bit expensive form BD one. Actually I want BD version, yet I’m afraid I couldn’t play it on my laptop. I’m not very fond of BD (I never had any)





I use this picture for my twitter header. Yep, I'm one of his fan.

I use this picture for my twitter header. Yep, I’m one of his fan.

This when he sang A.I.  It's my favorite song

This when he sang A.I.
It’s my favorite song

It's when he sang 'sexy sexy' *cough* *cough*

It’s when he sang ‘sexy sexy’ *cough* *cough*


Today counted as bad day for me. I tried to rip Naonii’s DVD again and again yet didn’t get what I want so I gave up. And then I played UtaPri. I haven’t play it before because I prefer to play UtaPri music than it’s otoge.

UtaPri is actually easy. I don’t think I need to use walkthrough to get love ending… but when I decided to stop and continue later on, I googled and found out that UtaPri Repeat is a remake from the first game and it has better quality of arts. If only I realized earlier, I wouldn’t waste my time to play It’s first game and just play Repeat and then Debut.

Beside that. Half hour ago I checked my phone and found out that my figure which I’ve sold and sent is broken. The buyer told me it’s broke, just a bit, but… ugh, I realy hate to admit it but I am, actually, a perfectionist and will do anything to make it perfect and reach my ideal. Ugh, I’m ashamed of my self because I forgot to have my package got fragile sticker on it. Even it’s broke a bit, I have to pay it and I don’t mind if he (the customer) keep it. I’ll refund in the afternoon. Gladly it’s only $2. I used to refund more than $40 (in this case I ask the customer to send my nendoroid back).

Voice Rendezvous

Hehehe!!! So happy Nao-nii’s concert DVD arrived this afternoon. I thought it’ll arrive next week. It’s friday already so I won’t let my hopes up, but then again… it’s actually arrived today.

I bought his album too. So I thought his album will arrive sooner, but it’s not. Emmm, it’s not a big deal though. As long as it’s arrive (maybe tomorrow or next week).

I think I’ll upload later

Hello world!

This is my first post. it’s been awhile since I do blogging and such. I decided to make one because there’re lot of blog which contain otoge review or anything related to what I fingirl about in wordpress.

I might post my rants or share what I have or do later. Well, I might not be able to post everytime. But I might do blogwalking. Yeah!